The Causes of Industrial Hazards and How To Prevent Them


The term ‘hazard’ is often used to describe a situation that can cause damage, injury or death to people or properties. On the other hand industrial hazards are dangers to individuals and life support systems that rise from the bulk production of goods and services. When these dangers surpass human managing abilities or the absorptive capabilities of environmental systems, they spring rise to industrial disasters. (Mitchell 1996) mitigation of risks associated with industrial activities is of extreme importance to all societies as certain industries nowadays use nuclear power and similar destructive components. This article produces a list of such types of industrial hazards and the ways to prevent and mitigate them.

Mechanical hazards

These are hazards that can occur due to moving machinery that are in use. These are one of the most common types of hazards. These can be caused due to motions of machinery such as rotating, reciprocating and transverse and actions such as cutting, punching, shearing and bending. To prevent accidents that can happen due to these activities related to machinery workers must prevent themselves from contacting the dangerous moving parts of the machine and refrain from wearing lose clothing, lose hair and jewelry that can create contact with the machine. The industrial labels Sydney, signs and instructions mentioned on the machine have to be followed carefully and the machines should be protected from falling objects and should be properly lubricated.

Chemical hazards

labelsrollsThere are three ways that chemicals could harm humans. The vapors or gases that can be produced within the plant, liquid chemicals that can spill over workers’ bare hands and the dust of chemicals that can cause harm. As prevention methods, the chemical hazard guide and the industrial labels on the chemical bottles and boxes should be referred carefully before using the chemicals. Workers must always cover their skin, face and nose when using the chemicals and should be mindful not to drink, eat or smoke where chemicals are in use. Get to know how you can create good labels to act as a caution; stickers are a good example and you can have them made right here .

Electrical hazards

Electrical hazards also could be of four types such as electrocution, shock, burns and falls. A person can be contacted with electricity in many ways. For example, by touching two wires (the neutral and the live at the same time) touching a person who is already electrocuted, by touching electrical equipment that are faulty and that are not grounded properly etc. to prevent these types of hazards, workers should make sure all electrical equipment are unplugged or the power supply is turned off soon after the completion of work, refrain from using faulty equipment that have unsecured wires, by wearing proper insulating clothes and overalls at the time of maintenance.